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werk, bauen + wohnen is a leading architecture magazine. It has already entered its 109th year, 10 issues are published annually, two of which are double issues. It is the voice of the professional association BSA Bund Schweizer Architektinnen und Architekten (Federation of Swiss Architects). Each issue focuses on a specific theme from the architecture discourse: here current questions from theory and practice are taken up and, using built examples, documented in an analytical way. In a second part of the magazine werk, bauen + wohnen looks at the area in which the architect works, discusses new competitions, exhibitions, books and products. The third part of the magazine allows the presentation of current buildings, conversions or the results of research that are not directly linked to the theme. In the werk-material section in each issue two exemplary buildings are introduced by means of detailed plans and key figures.

Target Public

werk, bauen + wohnen is directed at a clearly defined readership consisting of architects, interior designers, landscape architects, and engineers as well as students of these disciplines, at building authorities, urban planners, general contractors and building clients. The contributions, which are written especially for the magazine, the generous amount of illustrations, and the clear layout make werk, bauen + wohnen a central communications platform for both readers and advertisers.


werk, bauen + wohnen is to be found in the offices of most Swiss architects and in many libraries in Switzerland and abroad, it is discussed, quoted from and collected. The magazine remains a topical and useful work tool long after its date of publication.

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Facts and figures

Appears: monthly, 10 times a year
double issues January/February and July/August

Languages: German, French and English summaries

Circulation: 6000 copies

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