Katrin Zbinden

(Manager since 2013), *1975. Trained publishing management and is an eidg. dipl. Polygrafische Technikerin TS/HF, with many years of experience in book production in a publishing house. She worked for several years as key account manager in a printing works, as project head she managed a client magazine in the area of information technology, and most recently worked as project manager in a Zurich agency for communication and design.


Cécile Knüsel

Advertising coordinator (since 2013) *1963, is a trained sales professional and worked for several years in advertising and the medial. At werk, bauen + wohnen she is responsible for coordinating the advertisements and also works as an assistant to the management.

Titelbild-Serie 2020

In 2020 the wbw covers feature photographs by Corina Flühmann – in fact they are actually film stills from short, staged sequences that appear on the web as short films. 

Titelbild-Serie Archiv:

2019: Studio Feixen, Luzern
2017: FLAG, Bastien Aubry und Dimitri Broquard
2016: Eik Frenzel, Lausanne
2015: Peter Tillessen, Zürich
2014: Katalin Deér, St. Gallen
2013: Roman Keller, Zürich (6–2013 – 12–2013)

Editorial department

Daniel Kurz, editor-in-chief

Dr. phil. (editor-in-chief since 2012), *1957. As a historian and architecture critic he is at home on the borders of the disciplines. After studies at Zurich University appointments as an assistant and research assistant at the ETH and Zurich University. He was working from 1996 for the Office of Preservation of Monuments, and from 2001 for the City of Zurich Building Authority. Books, articles and exhibitions on housing and school building, sustainable architecture and urban planning. His PhD thesis appeared in 2008 under the title: “Die Disziplinierung der Stadt. Städtebau in Zürich 1900- 1940” (Disciplining the City. Urban Design in Zurich, 1900–1940, gta editors, Zurich).

Tibor Joanelly

Dipl. Architekt ETH SIA (editor since 2009), *1967. Graduated as an architect from the ETH Zürich in 1993. Self-employed, also worked in various offices. Published contributions to books and magazines. Taught as an assistant at the ETH Zurich under Meinrad Morger, Andrea Deplazes and Christian Kerez. Lecturer in Gebäudelehre and theory of architecture at Liechtenstein University and since 2007 lecturer in theory of architecture at the ZHAW.

Jenny Keller

Dipl. Architektin ETH / M.A. (since 2019) *1980. Diploma with Miroslav Šik 2006, followed by her first writing work, which was given an even sounder base by a second master’s degree in mediation and cultural journalism  («publishing & mediating») at the ZHdK. Until 2018 editor-in-chief at, parallel to this, as a freelance architecture journalist she has contributed to the NZZ, Bauwelt, Tec21 and Hochparterre. In the various book projects that Jenny Keller conceives and monitors with great commitment she focuses on the mediation of architecture, as her plea is: architecture affects all of us.

Roland Züger, deputy editor-in-chief

Dipl. Ing. Architekt HTL, (editor since 2011), *1975. Studied architecture at the ZHAW in Winterthur and at the UdK in Berlin. Worked in a number of architects’ offices in Vienna, Zurich und Berlin. Since 2007 Studio TZ+ in Dresden, since 2010 architecture practice with Florian Kessel in Berlin/Zurich. Various contributions to books and specialist journals such as Bauwelt, L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui and Trans. Since 2007 lecturer in design at the ZHAW Winterthur.