werk-material.online - Figures about buildings at just a single click!

The werk-material.online web application supports architects and civil engineers, building owners or other users in estimating, determining or verifying costs for structures. The uniformly defined characteristic values provide an additional source of information to their own and increase the accuracy in determining construction costs.

Benefits for new customers
  • Comparability through uniform methodology
  • Help with missing own figures or gaps in experience
  • Reliable, comprehensible characteristic values from referenced sources
  • Recording of own projects, comparison and analysis
  • Conversion from BKP to eBKP-H

Attention new customers!

Until 31.12.2022, you will receive a three-month trial subscription worth CHF 50.- to werk, bauen + wohnen with every order. You also have the chance to win a MoonSwatch worth CHF 250.-*.

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*CRB, werk, bauen + wohnen and SIA are giving away 3 MoonSwatches among all new subscribers - the draw will take place in January 2023. This promotion is valid from 1.10.2022 for new customers of the licenses object types werk-material.online and/or BFS Kostenkennwerte with order until 31.12.2022. License duration and billing until 31.12.2023. Subscribers of werk, bauen + wohnen as well as members CRB and SIA benefit from 15% member discount.