Figures about buildings at just a single click!

An overview of all cost figures and comparisons between buildings in every category: the web-based database from werk, bauen + wohnen and CRB provides architects, building clients, public authorities and universities with information that is comprehensive, precise, transparent and understandable.

Since 1982 werk-material has been combining useful data on buildings of all kinds over a comparison period of unequalled length.

The advantages of werk-material-online at one glance

• Unmatched volume of data
• More than 1'000 first class data sets as a sound foundation
• Intelligent analysis tools
• Plausibility of own key figures can be checked
• High degree of accuracy in calculating costs
• Ongoing updates with new projects
• Swiss architecture history as an add-on
• Conversion of cost rates from BCC to eCC-BC

Enter, compare and analyze your own projects

The Project Editor enables users to enter their own projects and to analyze and compare them with each other or with buildings already in existence. Own projects are shown only to the respective user.

Annual licence fee:

CHF 515; subscribers to werk, bauen + wohnen receive a 15% discount.

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