All issues since 1909

In the «Swiss electronic academic library service» of the syndicate of the Swiss University Libraries, all issues of

  • Die Schweizerische Baukunst (1909-1920)

  • (Das) werk (1914-1976)
* werk-archithese (1977-1979)
  • werk, bauen + wohnen (since 1980, with a blocking period of 5 years)

have been digitalized as facsimile scans. The archive is available free of charge, and thanks to a full-text search function, individual articles may be found and printed.
From 1980, numerous issues are still available in their printed version, which we shall be pleased to send you on request for CHF 30.- /€ 30.- inc. postage. (Contact). For all issues starting from 2001, please use the respective Order Form.