Current issue: 9 – 2022

Building Community

“How will we live together?” was the motto of the last Venice Biennale Architettura. Reflecting the spirit of our times, many of those who took part answered this question in a very fundamental way: How can we live with birds, server clusters and moulds? Far fewer offered answers that impact on our daily lives. In fact,only one group reported about a successful path to coexistence. Rather than utopias, Anne Kockelkorn, Susanne Schindler, and Marie Anne Lerjen presented the historical, social, and economic backgrounds to Zurich’s culture of cooperative building. We have regularly reported on these housing projects (see Zollhaus Zürich in wbw 11 – 2021 or Hobelwerk Winterthur in wbw 7 / 8 – 2022).

Reading architecture

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