Current issue: 7/8 – 2017

Import – Export

L’ Architecture suisse n’existe pas: Swiss architecture is European architecture is world architecture. The idea for the current issue came up in a discussion with the Swiss Architecture Museum (S AM) in Basel. It appears as the result of a cooperation with the S AM, on occasion of the exhibition In Land Aus Land. Swiss Architects Abroad. In the course of the preparatory research work the French term dépaysement assumed importance for us: It is generally translated as “a sense of being foreign” or “disorientation” and describes the moment in which, at a foreign place, the familiar chain of everyday reference points breaks apart, revealing a view of something different, something new.

Reading architecture

werk, bauen + wohnen presents topical and critical reports about architecture within the international context. The theme-based issues offer in-depth analyses, comparisons and background information. The voice of the BSA (Bund Schweizer Architekten / Federation of Swiss Architects), werk, bauen + wohnen is in its 104rd year of publication.